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Inspector General of Police Sindh
Mushtaque Ahmed Mahar
Statement of Values

The Sindh Police in pursuit of its mission, believes in providing quality service with the highest possible degree of excellence, based upon the principles of fairness, integrity, honesty and respect for human dignity. Employees are reminded to familiarize themselves with the mission statement, statement of values and vision of success and to embrace these goals as we collectively strive to provide the most effective police service for our citizens.

About Us

On the pattern of the colonial Irish constabulary, Sir Charles Napier established a police system in Sindh in 1843. The British Army Officers closely supervised and controlled forces which were resultantly more disciplined, efficient and not corrupt. Influenced by the success of Napier’s police, the Court of Directors of the East India Company suggested that a common system of police be established on the pattern of Irish Constabulary…. more



Mazhar Nawaz Shaikh


Sindh Police

Mushtaque Ahmed Mahar



Tanveer Hussain Tunio 



We envision an organization structured to meet the changing needs of citizens and our profession. Our success in accomplishing this goal depends on our ability to provide optimum public safety and security to enhance quality of life in community.

  • Develop effective communication within our organization and with those we serve.
  • Promote a safe and equitable workplace allowing for the professional development of employees to their fullest potential.
  • Promote training and life long learning.
  • Acquire and use resources efficiently and responsibly.


With the grace of Allah, I am honored to assume the Command of Sindh Police as the 60th Inspector General. It is indeed a matter of great pride to lead the prestigious organization, well known for its proficiency hard work and great sacrifices. The Martyrs of Sindh Police are our role models and their families are our responsibility.

My compliments to all the former police chiefs, serving officers, jawans and staff who had, with their hard work and sacrifices, maintained the standards that were appreciated by every segment of the society.

I strongly believe in the principles of justice and fair play in all policing functions. There is no doubt that Sindh Police has been working very effectively with a view to achieve its goals. It has diligently dealt with crime and terrorism besides maintaining the law & order throughout the province.

Serving the community without fear of favour and assistance to other law enforcement agencies in providing peaceful environment to the citizens of the province have been the distinctive feature of its commitment.

To pragmatically overcome the upcoming challenges, organization’s priorities shall be:

  • a) To sustain the prevailing best practices and continuously improve the procedures to meet the emerging challenges 
  • b) To proactively contemplate new initiatives by synthesizing workforce centric proposals. And not the least refining working environment, functional efficiency, organizational structure, human resource development and optimum utilization of the assets 
  • c) To continue its tradition of service to the people along with firm enforcement of law blending professionalism with integrity in courteous manner

I urge the officers and Jawans of Sindh Police to live a life to make a difference where they can. They should be persons who inspire to be their best version and avail the chance to change and improve their performance. Rise by supporting others. Build their dreams before someone hires them to build his own.

I reiterate again that Sindh Police needs to strive hard to achieve excellence in all realms of policing and ensure a safe and secure environment throughout the province and uphold the rule of law, Sindh Police should politely with service above own self, offer swift assistance and prompt help to all citizens in distress, while saving their lives properties and honour.

By maintaining the rule of law and with active community participation, Sindh Police can do it, and I am sure that all officers and Jawans shall make it happen. Assuring the people of Sindh of all my support with the conviction that together we can make a difference.

Let our life and performance be a proof that we love our country. Wishing you Godspeed.

Inspector General
Sindh Police
The Sindh Police aims at providing equality of service delivery to the community in prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of Law and Order. It is committed to the principles of justice, equality, integrity, fairness and respect for human rights and law enforcement in conformity with international norms and best practices.